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I am seeking suggestions, recommendations watchouts from those of you who have cut ties with Comcast for cable TV services.

* Are you now using a device (roku, fire stick TV, etc.), streaming services, IPTV services, combination thereof?
* Does your selected option include local channels?
* Is anyone using a digital antenna?

Been trying to research options and still not sure which would be best for Sunrise area of Petal. Any information provided would be greatly appreciated.

The fire stick from amazon for home entertainment. Fantastic! Must have internet to access the movies, music, etc. But the Fire Stick is a one-time purchase; no monthly fees????


I can attest to that as well.


I have the lowest tier internet with Comcast (25 Mbps), with my own purchased cable modem and wireless router. This has been perfectly sufficient for my needs.

I have a Roku device on each of my two TV's

I subscribe to:
- Amazon Prime (not thrilled with video selection, but I enjoy music and other perks that come with it)
- Hulu - for the more current TV shows
- Netflix - for everything else

For live TV on the major networks (NBC, ABC, FOX, CW), I have an antenna mounted in the attic. I rarely use it, but ... it's there.

I have had this setup for several years now and am very happy with it. I have to call Comcast once a year to keep my internet price at a "promotional" level....sometimes they argue but I usually end up with what I want.

For a more expanded "cable like" experience, I know people who have "Playstation Vue" and have been very happy with it.
"DirectTV Now" is another streaming cable service - once they add cloud DVR, the deal looks pretty good and has just about all the channels comcast offers for a lower price.

Cut the cord - I have saved literally $1000's over the last few years.


In my bedrooms, I use the RCA amplified antenna (purchased at Best Buy). I live in Oak Grove and can view 10 channels. I have a friend who lives further out and they get 13 channels using the same antenna. These channels are as clear as cable. If the channel is interrupted, I turn off the TV and restart it. It rarely happens. I'm sure there are more long range antennas out there, but finding one for a reasonable cost has been my challenge.


not Exede satellite. It is terrible. I have heard good things about cellular home internet. We are going to switch as soon as we can cancel our other.


Check with CSpire to see if fiber is available to your house... the only other option I'm aware of would be a hotspot through a cellular provider.

We use AT&T for internet and have Apple TV and a Roku with Netflix and Hulu subscriptions.


As a followup for others that might be in my situation.  I signed up for ATT fixed wireless last week.   Per the installer, it has only been available at my location in Purvis for a couple of weeks, so it may still not be available everywhere.

I get average download speeds of 30mps with bursts up to 50mps and average upload speeds of 15mps.   There is a data limit of 340gb per month and $10 per 50gb after that up to $200.  The router that is provided is adequate and as easy to use as the Linksys I had.

The installation requires placing a small antennae (about 14inches by 8 inches) somewhere it can get a good signal to a cell tower (mine is on the roof).  Then they run cat5 cable from the antennae to a termination box near a ground wire.  And from that box they run cat5 cable to the router inside your home (drilled a hole in in my wall to the outside).  In total, it took them from noon until about 4pm to do the job.

RDP connections over VPN to USM work very well (even with full color), streaming video works well and surfing the internet is very responsive.

Of course I've only had it for about a week, but it has been reliable and consistent thus far.

Caveat, I live 1.5 miles from the cell tower, so reliability may vary based on the distance you are from the tower.